A message from our President

Lord Shuttleworth - HM Lord-Lieutenant of Lancashire

Lancashire has a long history of philanthropic endeavours whose influence can still be seen today in the county's hospitals, art galleries, schools and universities. There have been many generations of philanthropic Lancastrians who have supported people in need and grown the prosperity of our towns for the better. Notably in the 19th and 20th centuries there was the Harris family, including Edmund Harris who left almost all his fortune to religious, educational and philanthropic causes, and the Mercer family who supported Great Harwood in Hyndburn with a member of the family supporting the Royal Society in recent years. The history books also note the great efforts of individuals who were not necessarily from privileged backgrounds, such as local joiner James Dixon who was the first superintendent of The Wilpshire Orphanage in Blackburn in 1891 and who helped thousands of homeless and destitute children until 1933. The Community Foundation for Lancashire aims to build on this rich history in the county, and encourage and celebrate philanthropic efforts in our time.

I am proud to have been involved with the establishment of Community Foundation in 2007/08. I worked with a number of committed people at the time, including Peter Robinson who became the Founding Chair and Arthur Roberts who began as Vice Chair and is now Chair of our merged governance entity with Community Foundation for Merseyside. Through this work and the Community Foundation's continued activity in the county, I am pleased to see the passion and enthusiasm from people and organisations for our communities, especially via philanthropic endeavours.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who particularly commit time, money and expertise via our Community Foundation to help our communities to be prosperous and thriving; your efforts are worthwhile and very much appreciated.

In my role as Lord Lieutenant I have witnessed the great needs there are in communities at this time as well as the fantastic efforts of community leaders, groups and charities to help those in need. What our Lancashire's Vital Signs giving guide aims to do is direct you to the community's priorities that are in need of support at this time. I hope you will seriously consider the contents of this guide as you undertake your giving and support of communities.

With best wishes,

Lord Shuttleworth

HM Lord-Lieutenant of Lancashire

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