Promoting your project

Congratulations on getting a grant from us. Help inspire others and get the public talking about your project. We want to help spread the word!!


We want to help promote your project as much as we can. By using our well recognised logo we can help ensure that it reaches as many people as possible. As per the Standard Grant conditions you are required to use of both the Donor’s and the Foundation’s logo on any publication produced relating to or supported by the grant.

  Download CFL logo

The recommended minimum size of the logo is a width of 40mm. The logo must appear in isolation and comply with our guidelines and we would like the logo to stand out as much as possible, it also must not be hand-drawn or re-created any way. 

All resources that use the Community Foundation’s name and logos in, including press releases, should be approved by the Community Foundation previous to publication and delivery. This allows the Foundations to provide any extra information.

But where can I use the logo?

Use our Community Foundation’s logo in program booklets and publications at any events that are supported by the funding. Please do not hesitate to call us directly to insure that you acquire the one that will best suit your requirements.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to promote your project and engage with the public. If you are using social media to promote your project, then we ask you to tag and follow us on Facebook using the handle @Lancsfoundation. Similarly, you can follow and Tag us on Twitter using the handle @Lancsfoundation 

If you have any questions regarding logos or promoting your project, please contact our Marketing & Communications Manager, Gary Vyse at 

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