Community Solutions 2016 Fund

What is the focus of the fund:  

Projects must fit under at least one of the following themes

‘Explorer’ - improving people’s knowledge e.g. money management workshops to help unemployed people manage their money

‘Transformer’ – supporting skills and experience for any age group to reduce social isolation e.g. training to help socially isolated people develop skills to get back into work, activities to help older people learn a new skill and develop friendships.

‘Changemaker’ – innovative solutions to social challenges e.g. a new social networking program for visually impaired young people to access the internet

The examples given are not exclusive and a wide range of projects under the three themes can be considered.


How much is available:

Grants of £5000 (set amount)

Who can apply:

Registered charities, CIC’s and credit unions. Priority is given to smaller organisations to help build capacity

Who can we not consider:

Community groups who are not registered charities, exempt or excepted charities, newly registered charities with less than 1 years accounts, organisations who have already received a Santander Foundation grant since 2015.


• The fund has to support a project in full, not provide a contribution or used as match funding

• General ongoing running costs cannot be considered by this fund. Costs must be specifically for the delivery of an identified project

• Grants are over 12 months

Please note that there is sufficient budget for 12 grants to be approved, therefore competition will be extremely high and unfortunately it is likely that many more applications will be declined than approved.

Download full criteria here

Closing date: 
The latest date the fund will be closed is Friday 25th November at 4.00pmHowever, importantly please note that the fund may be closed earlier if we receive a large number of applications. This is because there can only be 12 approved grants and we do not want to disappoint too many applicants. Therefore we would advise to apply as soon as possible.

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