What is philanthropy?

For many people the word ‘philanthropy’ is synonymous with substantial one-off donations. For others it represents a longer commitment to giving both time and money.

The Root of the word ‘Philanthropy’ lies in the Late Latin philanthrõpia’ and from the Greek: love mankind, from philos loving + anthrõpos man and is defined as the practice of performing charitable or benevolent actions and a love of mankind in general.

The reality is that philanthropy can be interpreted in many ways and means different things to different people. But one thing common to all philanthropists is that they are committed to giving in order to make a genuine difference to others and contribute towards an improved society and greater opportunities for all.

Lancashire’s tradition of philanthropy dates back centuries. Well-known local philanthropists of the past include Lord Ashton, renowned for his extraordinary generosity and whose successful fabrics coating business earned him the title, ‘Lino King’ and Doreen Lofthouse who in 1963 created the global brand Fisherman’s Friend. Rachel Kay Shuttleworth is the last of her family to live at Gawthorpe Hall and is remembered for the huge amount of work she did founding the Girl Guides in Lancashire. In her will she left what is regarded as the most important textile collection outside London to the National Trust at Gawthorpe Hall for the public to study and view. Her grandfather Sir James Kay Shuttleworth worked tirelessly to improve education and working conditions for factory workers and we are honoured that the present day Lord Shuttleworth is now the current president of the Community Foundation for Lancashire

Philanthropy is still integral to the culture of Lancastrian people today. The Community Foundation is committed to working with individuals and organisations to make giving as accessible and flexible as possible, whilst ensuring that it delivers real results that make a lasting difference to grow stronger communities together.  

To discuss how you could set up your own bedspoke philanthropy offer through us, contact: 

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