Our response to community need

Government intervention to support households and charitable organisations with energy costs is welcomed, though immense pressure remains, particularly for those on low incomes, isolated older people, and people struggling with their mental health. 

The Community Foundation for Lancashire actively listens to our communities and understands their needs. Food banks are working flat out, and community centres and churches are providing warm hubs through the winter. Debt advice charities, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, are reporting extremely high numbers of support requests, and mental health charities and GPs are forecasting a huge increase in mental health crises and suicide rates.

The impact this has on charities and community organisations in Lancashire cannot be underestimated. Staff and volunteer resources are being stretched to try to meet demand, and to provide help in such challenging times many are looking to increase the level of support they offer, even extending their opening times to provide a place of warmth for the most vulnerable.

What are we doing? 

In March 2020, the Red Rose Responding Fund was launched to support local charities, voluntary and community organisations. The initial focus was on helping vulnerable people impacted by Covid-19, particularly those suffering with mental health issues. The Red Rose Responding Fund continues to provide incredible support to those of all ages, as Covid-19, and now the cost of living crisis, combine to further negatively impact our local communities. 

This continuing commitment will ensure that our local charities and community groups are able to effectively meet the increased demand for mental health support, which is anticipated as a result of the cost of living crisis.

Recognising the pressures that our community organisations are facing, we are being flexible with core costs for our existing grant holders and supporting requests where a higher proportion of funding towards energy, staffing and volunteer costs may be needed. We fully acknowledge this will also be the case with any new funding requests we receive, and encourage the donors and decision-makers we work with to take this into consideration and give priority to services and projects directly meeting cost of living needs. We are also reviewing our portfolio of grant programmes to see where additional funding could help boost our ability to support more of the funding applications that we receive.

What are UKCF doing? Our network body UK Community Foundations has been part of a cost of living joint statement with nearly 50 other sector bodies, which called upon Government to include charities and voluntary organisations in its support plan for businesses which can be viewed here https://www.ukcommunityfoundations.org/news/cost-of-living-crisis-joint-statement-to-government 

How you can help….

By supporting the Lancashire Red Rose Responding Fund, you can make a huge difference to the lives of our most vulnerable, at a time of immense need and uncertainty. Now, more than ever, we need your support.

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