Case Studies

Global Link


Global Link is an development education centre, working with schools and the wider community to build understanding of global interdependence, human rights, social justice, sustainability, conflict resolution and diversity. Their mission statement is 'Creative Learning for a More Just and Sustainable World.' They do this by delivering workshops, projects and training in schools, and with community organisations. Their primary focus since 1999 has been delivering a variety of refugee awareness and community cohesion projects. This has included using the arts to create multi-media experiential exhibitions about asylum-seeking or touring forum theatre plays in schools. Currently, they are run awareness-raising workshops and teacher training in schools alongside refugees and asylum-seekers. 

Community issues addressed: Equality, Strong Communities.

Vocalise Youth Choir

Vocalise Youth Choir caters for children in Blackburn between 7 and 16 years of age and currently has 22 members who represent the diversity of the local community. The choir offers children the opportunity to join a professionally run, high calibre children's choir. They have weekly opportunities to improve their singing technique; improve their music reading ability; learn socialisation and co-operational skills; learn how to contribute to working within a team; improve their self-confidence; make new friends and learn how to perform in public. 

Community issues addressed: Arts, Heritage and Culture. 

Motiv8 Lancs

Motiv8 Lancs are a small educational day company that provides a wide range of educational learning activities specifically for adults with learning disabilities activities such as Dance/Fitness, Healthy Eating, Cooking, Art/crafts, Multi-sports, Gardening and Woodwork. They implement literacy, numeracy and encourage communication in all sessions whilst learners take part in educational activities. Sessions are for adults with a learning disability or mental health need who attend to learn new skills and techniques with their peers, which they can apply at home whilst working independently, showing improved confidence, learning new skills and techniques. 

Community issues addressed: Strong Communities, Education and Learning.

Opportunity Sports Foundation
South Ribble

Opportunity Sports Foundation aims to provide a range of sports projects to disadvantaged/vulnerable young people in Lancashire. The majority of projects are short term and managed on a voluntary basis. The projects aim to improve overall health and wellbeing but with a key focus on education, employment and building stronger, safer local communities. All this work is underpinned by informal youth work and very strong links with local youth support agencies and organisations. 

Community issues addressed: Healthy Living, Education and Learning.

Park View 4 U

Park View 4 U provide facilities for recreation and opportunities for improving social welfare for the inhabitants of Lytham and surrounding areas and in particular on the playing fields known as 'Queen Elizabeth II Park View’. Overall, activities are focused on engaging the community with their local green space including a wide range of recreational and wellbeing activities such as Forest School, environmental education, mother and toddler groups, running club, walking football, Family fun days, Wood Festival, pregnancy relaxation, knit and natter, football, BMX, family cycling club and more.. 

Community issues addressed: Healthy Living, Enviroment.

The Sewing Room
West Lancashire

The Sewing Rooms is a social enterprise that engages with those vulnerable people most removed from the labour-market - individuals with significant personal and complex barriers. The aims of the organisation are to inspire, educate and motivate - to make a difference to the lives of these vulnerable people. Their aim is to "repair the fabric of society" and to achieve this aim they have divided activities into three different "rooms" - 1: Manufacturing: 2: Sewing Academy; 3: Wellbeing. They use the skill of sewing as a therapy and, by doing so, increase an individual's confidence, motivation, creativity. 

Community issues addressed: Education and Learning, Work.


Meet more groups we have supported....

Pukar Disability Resource Centre

Pukar is a user led charity organisation based in the heart of Preston, working hard to support people with disabilities from diverse communities across predominantly in Preston. The charity is dedicated to working with people with disabilities, both visible and non-visible disabilities as defined under the disability discrimination legislation. Pukar works with carers and other vulnerable adults. The aims and objectives of Pukar are to support disabled people, to gain independence and provide a place for them to meet and have a focal point where their views and needs can be voiced. about asylum-seeking or touring forum theatre plays in schools. Currently, they are run awareness-raising workshops and teacher training in schools alongside refugees and asylum-seekers. 

Community issues addressed: Strong Communities, Education and Learning.

Ribble Valley Breast Friends
Ribble Valley

Ribble Valley Breast friends is a voluntary run support group for residents in the Ribble Valley and surrounding areas, who have been affected with breast cancer. A safe, comfortable and relaxing environment is provided for these meetings to take place. This is the only support group of its type within a 15 mile radius of Clitheroe. It gives members the opportunity to support each other, both socially and psychologically, by sharing experiences following a diagnosis of breast cancer. It provides information and is able to signpost to other organisations, where appropriate. The support group provides a platform for guest speakers to attend, enabling them to impart information that would be beneficial to all members.  

Community issues addressed: Strong Communities, Healthy Living. 

Cottonshed Theatre Company

Cotton Shed Inclusive Theatre Company reaches out to all children, young people and adults including those with physical and learning difficulties and other additional needs, who often have limited access and face invisible barriers to cultural participation. Some participants may have been previously excluded from accessing participatory theatre because of low expectations from others or a lack of confidence in themselves. Many children who have faced exclusion in the past have also experienced a sense of failure. They work to ensure everybody who accesses inclusive workshops are able to succeed by creating a supportive space.

Community issues addressed: Arts, Culture & Heritage, Education and Learning.

Pennine Lancashire Community Farm

Pennine Lancashire Community Farm was created following the riots in Burnley, to use the medium of outdoor space to bring people together. Its central aims are to promote social cohesion, sustainability (of a community) and education. It works across Burnley, Pendle and Hyndburn in areas of high deprivation (the bottom 1% in the 2015 indices of deprivation), across a number of community garden sites, forestry areas and farms. Each area is dominated by terraced housing with little or no outside space and the communities they serve are very diverse. 

Community issues addressed: Strong Communities, Environment, Healthy Living.

Hapton Over 50’s

The Hapton over 50's cater for the elderly in the Village of Hapton in Burnley, by providing a luncheon club once a week on a Tuesday, age group between 68yrs. and 95yrs. They have a two course lunch, also speakers, entertainment, bingo and dominoes. If a member is not well, they always make sure they get a meal taken to them if they want one. Some of their members do not get out very often and this is their chance to catch up with friends. They always provide members with the opportunity to have a couple of trips out and a party at Christmas and Easter.  

Community issues addressed: Strong Communities.

UR Potential

URPotential facilitate groups for all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender young people under the age 25, and run a support group for their families, friends, partners. The Family Support Group meets monthly and is attended by family members of all ages. They offer a relaxed, safe and warm environment for people to come and be themselves whilst we chat, share ideas and plan what they are going to do together in their community. There are opportunities to take part in community and charity events as well as organised trips, campaigns, various projects and conferences. 

Community issues addressed: Equality, Education and Learning. 


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