Lancashire Red Rose Funding Appeal

The COVID pandemic has had a profound impact on all our lives, and particularly our mental health and wellbeing. Across Lancashire communities, it has not been confined to the immediate emergency situation we all faced with a national lock down in March, it has continued longer term and has now led to an evolving crisis on people’s mental health both at home and at work. More than two-thirds of adults in the UK (69%) report feeling somewhat or very worried about the effect COVID-19 is having on their life, and the Institute of Fiscal Studies found that mental health has worsened substantially. Whether in our businesses or our personal life, we all know of people who are struggling because of the impact of COVID. Many of us are looking for support in our communities, for ourselves or friends, family and colleagues in a way we would previously not have imagined.

Yet, at a time when we look to local charities and organisations for this support, many who provide those services are themselves struggling to remain open, and secure funds to respond to the increasing demand for their services. According to the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) almost half of organisations (43%) surveyed reported an increase in demand for their services but a 48% decline in voluntary income. We need your help.

By supporting our Lancashire Red Rose Responding Fund, you are enabling us to support charities and charitable organisations throughout Lancashire in addressing Mental Health and Wellbeing, as well as foodbanks, emergency provisions for the elderly, financial and debt assistance, care, activities, and initiatives for those forced to isolate. Help us get funding the groups supporting the most vulnerable. All of us together, looking after one another, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, The Community Foundation for Lancashire has received and distributed nearly £2 MILLION, to more than 350 charities, community groups and vital projects providing critical help across the county. Those funds were released on a weekly basis to organisations successfully applying for grants as quickly as possible and have now all be distributed. Yet the crisis is not over. We need to keep our fundraising effort going to help Lancashire’s most vulnerable.

Help us support people throughout the county and make a lasting difference in Lancashire.

This is only one part of what we do. The Community Foundation for Lancashire is a key charitable funder in the county. Rather than supporting one charity, our day-to-day work helps hundreds of smaller local Lancashire charities and grassroots organisations. From our work, around 45,000 Lancashire people benefit each year from every walk of life. We do this by managing charitable funds for individuals and businesses looking to have a lasting impact in the county.

At the same time, the COVID crisis is clearly ongoing. The Red Rose Lancashire Responding Fund is the next phase of charitable funding managed by the Community Foundation for Lancashire, focused on ensuring support continues to reach the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Karen Morris, Development Director, for The Community Foundation for Lancashire said: “Since March, and the beginning of the national lockdown, we have seen demand increase to deal with the whole spectrum of mental health issues. This has included older people who are isolated, vulnerable people, and in turn, an increased risk of suicide. Personally, we may not have been physically unwell but many of us have been affected in our mental health and wellbeing. The loss of social interaction and connection is having a tremendous impact, both personally and professionally. Whilst recognising our own struggles, many of us have looked for ways to help one another and in particular to help those who are the most vulnerable. Lancashire businesses have long recognised the importance of supporting the good mental health and wellbeing of their teams, colleagues, customers and clients to make a successful Lancashire. We welcome an opportunity to engage with Lancashire Business and Business networks to build on this, to ensure everybody has the opportunity to thrive. Each one of us  can make a difference.

By supporting the Lancashire Red Rose Responding fund, you will be making a real impact and difference, connecting right into your own community and even, maybe even your own household.”

Help us get the right funds to the right people at the right time to make a difference to people in Lancashire

Business can contact us directly to make a donation, individuals can support the Lancashire Red Rose Responding Fund though donations – via

We are also looking for your fundraising creativity.

Why not have a conversation with us today about how you can help

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