Lancashire COVID-19 appeal targets 2million after pushing past a million

The Lancashire COVID-19 Community Support Fund created to help people in need during the COVID-19 emergency has raised more than £1m in just two months.

The Fund was set up in April, by the Community Foundation for Lancashire, to respond to the challenges faced by many individuals and families across Lancashire.

Since then, £1.18m has been donated to the Fund, including £907,830 from the National Emergencies Trust, £220,000 from the Lancashire Resilience Forum, with additional funds secured from online giving including direct donations from the public and local businesses.

More than £892,706 has already gone to over 220 community groups on the frontline, with further funds being distributed on a weekly basis.

With the sustained impact of Coronavirus on communities sure to be felt by vulnerable residents across Lancashire over the long term, the Community Foundation for Lancashire has set its sights on raising £2m to ensure it can continue distributing grants to those who need it the most.

Rae Brooke, Chief Executive for the Community Foundation for Lancashire, said: What is crucial in any emergency situation is speed of response. Managing to build a fund of over £1m in two months is incredible but what is equally impressive is the speed of distributing over £890,000 of that to community groups supporting those in desperate and immediate need.

The needs of the most vulnerable will be evident for months, and in some cases even years, to come. This is why we continue to call on those, with the capacity to do so, to donate to the Lancashire COVID-19 Community Support Fund as we aim to raise £2m.”

Further details on how to donate can be found here:

The Fund is awarding grants to support community organisations providing vital services like foodbanks, delivery of food and care packages to vulnerable people, telephone and online services offering friendship and support to help reduce isolation, emotional, mental health and domestic violence support and financial inclusion, support to access benefits and debt advice to name but a few.

Organisations can apply for grants by visiting:


About the Community Foundation for Lancashire

The Community Foundation for Lancashire is an independent charity which promotes local giving to address local disadvantage. It helps individuals, families, companies, charitable trusts and public sectors bodies to connect, support and invest in communities across Lancashire.

Since 2007, it has distributed in excess of £14 million to charities and community groups across Lancashire. Its knowledge of the sector allows it to find and reach charities in our community and its ultimate vision is to drive as much investment into Lancashire’s Voluntary and Community sectors to enrich the lives of local people.


About the National Emergencies Trust

The National Emergencies Trust (NET) collaborates with charities and other bodies to raise and distribute money and support victims at times of domestic disasters.

The National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal is being launched by the Trust to raise money that will be given out in grants by local organisations identified by the Trust. The British Red Cross is partnering with the NET to manage donations from the public that will then be given out as grants by the NET.


About Lancashire Resilience Forum

Lancashire Resilience Forum has the primary responsibility for bringing agencies including the police, fire, local authorities and health, together to respond effectively to any emergency, including something like a flu pandemic. Organisations under the LRF umbrella have a specific focus on those people in our communities who are vulnerable, whether by reason of their age, health or any other issue.  Follow @LancsResilience on Twitter for updates.

For enquiries about Lancashire Resilience Forum, please email  

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