Thanks a billion!

Local charities make up the lifeblood of our communities. They make a daily difference to millions of people. That’s why Community Foundations are proud to announce, on Local Charities Day, that collectively we have distributed ONE BILLION POUNDS to local charities.

This milestone shows the impact that Community Foundations have had on local communities. In the last year alone, the Community Foundation for Lancashire distributed over £1.2million in grants.

From floods to fuel poverty to food banks, we support communities where they need it the most. As a network, we reach every postcode in the UK and this reach means that we support the very smallest charities and community groups, who often go unnoticed by many. But it’s these charities that are a lifeline for so many people and desperately need our support

Take, for example our Lancashire Flood Recovery Appeal, which gives grants to individuals and local charities to support those who are struggling with the effects of flooding.

Sarah a Lancaster resident, who received funding from the appeal said:  “In November the whole of the ground floor and garden flooded. We lost everything from downstairs and I’m still in the middle of sorting everything out.”

“I had to rip carpets out, throw out furniture and clean up all the mess left behind. My eldest child had a panic attack as the floodwater entered our house and both she and I suffer from depression so this has not helped.”

“The funding from the Community Foundation for Lancashire helped me and my children get back on our feet especially over the run up to Christmas. The grant helped us to buy a new cooker, furniture and cover loss of earnings, for which I am extremely grateful.”

Fabian French, Chief Executive of UK Community Foundations, said “At UK Community Foundations we’re proud to work with incredible local charities day in day out. We understand the needs of the communities we work in and direct grants to causes that will meet that need and will make the biggest difference. That’s why we passionately support local Charities Day and why Community Foundations are what the Chair of the Charity Commission says, ‘exactly what charities should be”

Rae Brooke, CEO of Community Foundation for Lancashire said; “As the counties local Community Foundation, we are so proud of all the fantastic charitable organisations who are working to build stronger communities.  It is great to see the government highlighting the work of small charities, which are making remarkable differences in their communities, by introducing Local Charities Day.”

Support your local Community Foundation and help us reach two billion pounds so we can continue to support local communities.

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