Vital Signs 2016 report launches in Preston

The North West’s leading philanthropy hub, the Community Foundation for Lancashire has today published it’sa report suggesting districts in Lancashire are some of the happiest in the UK. However, people living in Lancashire have one of the lowest life expectancy rates in England - 3.3 years behind England’s best, Surrey – and that Lancashire is the 10th most deprived county in England. 


The Community Foundation giving guide report, called Vital Signs, also found that Lancashire has the fourth worst Circulatory Disease Mortality rate in England following the examination and extensive research into social and economic trends within our communities, including a public consultation. It is launched today with 17 other reports in the UK and around 40 in Canada as a global initiative.


(Left to Right) Cathy Elliott, CEO Community Foundation for Lancashire - Lord Charles Shuttleworth, CFL President - Norman Tenray, President of the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce - Mark Bradley, Audit Partner at Beever and Struthers, Lancashire Vital Signs 2016 sponsors 
Vital Signs aims annually to provide the most up-to-date information on community priorities to enable people and businesses to give to the most pressing social issues and to support community aspirations, especially at a time of continued austerity.


The annual report, which is being laid before a number of community and business leaders from across the region today at a launch in Preston’s Harris Museum, looks at how it can be used as a unique charitable giving guide to encourage local people and businesses to make a difference in their local communities via charitable donations, volunteering and in-kind support. This is supported by one Lancashire respondent to the report by saying: “There should be more support for the community from businesses and employers.”

The Lord Lieutenant for Lancashire, Lord Charles Shuttleworth, President of the Community Foundation and avid supporter of Vital Signs will address guests at a launch event today at Preston’s Harris Museum to reveal the findings of the report.


Lord Shuttleworth said: “Lancashire has a long history of philanthropic endeavours whose influence can still be seen today in the county’s hospitals, art galleries, schools and universities.  I am proud to be involved with the work of the Community Foundations”

“What our Lancashire Vital Signs giving guide aims to do is direct you to the community’s priorities that are in need of support at this time. I hope people will seriously consider the contents of this report as they undertake their giving and support of communities”


This year the Community Foundation aspires to encourage Lancashire’s passionate and pro-active business community to play its part to building stronger communities together. It will work with businesses across Lancashire to promote corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy to tackle the concerns and issues raised in the annual Vital Signs Report. This work has begun with the support of Norman Tenray, Chair of North & West Lancashire Chamber of Commerce of the launch event in Preston.


Cathy Elliott, Chief Executive of the Community Foundation for Lancashire said: “The findings of this year’s Vital Signs report provide pause for thought and offer a clear indication of the issues our community is facing. It shines a light on the concerns and fears that require attention and provides an impetus for action.”


“While wonderful work by a host of community organisations is underway, there is a tremendous need in our area which we have only seen grow in recent years. Therefore, we want to engage the wider community – individuals and businesses - to work with us and be a part of the solution that answers the call in today’s Vital Signs report”.


Further information about Vital Signs and ways to give to support community projects in the county can be found at:

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